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Choose from the following menu options to view the fees based on the three types of work we do: Plan Design, Administration and Plan Termination.

Plan Design fees are generally non-recurring fees for the design and setup of new plan documents or the amendment of existing documents. These fees are the same regardless of plan type.

Administration fees are annually recurring fees for the life of the plan. They are different for each type of plan, but have similar characteristics because the reports required for the various plans are similar.

Plan Termination fees are non-recurring fees for the amendments and possible reporting and application filings required to "close out" a tax-qualified retirement plan.

There are a number of things we don't charge fees for.

We don't charge "Custodian" or "Trustee" fees. These fees are sometimes charged by large investment companies to add to their revenues so they can "low ball" their true administration fees. Often they hide or even bury these fees as some sort of "asset management" fee. We only charge for what we actually do; nothing is hidden or buried. And since we never have your plan's assets in our "custody" we couldn't charge these fees even if we wanted to.

We don't charge for routine consulting and accounting; it's already included in the administrative fees. We encourage our clients to pick up the phone or drop us a note with any questions they may have. It's always easier to handle "questions" than to clean up "messes". On occasion, we do charge extra for exorbitant accounting or consulting. But this occurs in less than ten percent of our clients, who agree to these fees in advance.