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Plan Termination Fees

Plan Termination fees fall into two categories, Document fees and Submission fees.

Documents are the legal papers, which terminate the plan. They consist of plan amendments, corporate resolutions or non-corporate certifications and participant notices and disclosures.

Plan Termination Documents (required for All Plans) $200

Submissions are sometimes optional and sometimes required. They are filings made with federal agencies in order to receive their permission or approval to terminate the plan.

IRS Submission (normally not required, but optional) $975*
PBGC Submission (required on certain Defined Benefit Plans) $750

* The IRS charges a "user fee" in addition to our fees for the submission process.

Two other sets of fees relate to Plan Termination. First, the Plan must continue its compliance and reporting until the final reports are issued following the complete distributions of all Plan assets. Second, each participant must receive the same distribution work done as for Individual Terminations. Both of these fees can be found on the Administration Fees page.